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Simple. Just a person with thoughts that nobody will hear, and that's fine. They just need to come out somehow.

I love music, swimming, diving, friends, psychology, philosophy, poetry, and people... but not always people. I'm 19 years old and can't wait to live my own life.

Oh, and you can call me Lindsey if you want to.

12 hour day today, 14 hour day tomorrow. Working outside in the sun takes more out of me than normal long ass work days. I’m tan as fuck and so so tired.



my dad was taking me driving and after i parked i got out and checked then shouted “IM STRAIGHT-well at least my parking job is” and my dad slams his hand onto the dashboard and goes “YOU COULDNT HAVE WAITED UNTIL COLLEGE TO MAKE THAT JOKE NOW I OWE YOUR MOM TEN BUCKS I DIDNT THINK YOU WOULD ADMIT IT YET” so thats the story of how my parents have been betting on when id come out

please stop reblogging this my dad thinks hes cool now


IMAGINARY ENEMYa (very angry) mix about being mad at your best friend [ for ukwonblockb ]


When my love finally comes along,
I hope she is loud, and
and gentle,
and sharp:
the pillow under my head
and the knife through my heart.
I hope she has working hands, 
and a mind that runs off
like mine, at night.

We can run away any time. 

I hope she is bold, 
and honest, 
and harsh, 
but fair: 
kicks my bedpost
to tell me there’s
fresh coffee downstairs.  

I hope she knows me,
and that my heart’s
no jealous home;
she may rent a room
and leave for Rome,
but I hope upon returning
she undresses herself, still,
saying I am her favorite place to be. 


ZodiacChic Post:Cancer


ZodiacChic Post:Cancer